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GovTech’s Live Coverage of NASCIO 2019 Annual Conference

As the National Association of State Chief Information Officers convene in Nashville, Tenn., Government Technology staff are on the ground to bring you the latest news from the annual event.

Digital Inclusion: NASCIO President James Collins Weighs In
As part of the internationally recognized Digital Inclusion Week, we talked with Delaware CIO James Collins about how broadband-related ideas like return on investment and digital equity may collide or coexist. READ MORE


Building a Future-Proof IT Organization in Kentucky
At NASCIO, Commonwealth Chief Information Officer Chuck Grindle explained that there are three elements of his strategy to make Kentucky and its technology as resilient as possible in the years ahead. READ MORE

Sophisticated Foreign Attacks Strain Maine’s Cyber-Resources
Acknowledging a surge in “malicious traffic” a few weeks ago, Maine Chief Information Officer Fred Brittain outlines his layered strategy for managing cyberthreats in his small state. READ MORE

Cyber Is Like the Dentist: The Importance of Good Hygiene
In light of a recent audit that found widespread lack of cybersecurity compliance among agencies, CIO Craig Orgeron discusses the importance of regular maintenance for both people and systems to keep Mississippi secure. READ MORE

Recovery, Risk and Ransomware: NASCIO Kicks Off in Nashville
The National Association of State Chief Information Officers is holding its annual conference — and celebrating its 50th anniversary — by convening state CIOs to crowdsource the most pressing concerns in government IT. READ MORE


States Transition from Cloud-First to Cloud-Smart Strategy
At the NASCIO Annual Conference, Arkansas Chief Information Officer Yessica Jones explained how her state’s data center consolidation has set the state for making smart choices about what’s going to the cloud. READ MORE

Centralizing Citizen Services Is Top of Mind in Tennessee
CIO Stephanie Dedmon is looking forward to the soft launch of an application in December that will streamline the services offered by several agencies. Five agencies will spearhead the rollout, with more to follow. READ MORE

NASCIO Day Two: State CIOs Take a Turn Toward the Customer
The release of the organization’s annual in-depth survey of state technology leaders offers an evolving view of the role, with insights on customer service, cost management strategies and performance management. READ MORE


Coordination is King: Wisconsin Navigates Off the Mainframe 
Wisconsin CIO David Cagigal is committed to the mainframe, at least for the next couple years. His challenge is making sure agencies are on the same page about the timing of their exit strategies. READ MORE

North Dakota Takes on Equity, Ethics and Emerging Tech
State CIO Shawn Riley is a strong proponent for looking at technologies on the bleeding edge and how they can benefit government and citizens alike, as long as they are used for the benefit of all. READ MORE

Colorado Looks to U.S. Digital Service to Recruit IT Talent
State CIO Shawn Riley is a strong proponent for looking at technologies on the bleeding edge and how they can benefit government and citizens alike, as long as they are used for the benefit of all. READ MORE

The IT Avengers: Teaming Up Is Critical for Resilience
At the annual NASCIO conference in Nashville, Ohio Chief Information Officer Ervan Rodgers talked about why teamwork is key for IT resiliency and how he generates collaboration across the state enterprise. READ MORE

Technology Investment Must Go Beyond Single Use Cases
West Virginia CTO Josh Spence on why tech chiefs need to be cautious when taking on new projects if they do not serve a greater purpose for the organization, and how that plays into the state’s resiliency. READ MORE

Cutting Ties: Virginia's Bumpy Breakup with Northrop Grumman
Described by CIO Nelson Moe as “groundbreaking” in 2005, the commonwealth has severed its relationship with its former mega-contractor that limited Virginia’s agility in meeting today’s IT needs. READ MORE

Five Pillars Will Advance the Illinois Technology Plan
Ron Guerrier leads the relatively new Innovation and Technology Department, but before he can get to work on the technology stack, he has to establish a cohesive departmental culture and understand existing processes. READ MORE

Moving Away from MNLARS: A Smart, Future-Proof Plan
After Minnesota’s custom-built driver and vehicle system failed to successfully launch, the state opted to purchase a third-party system that CIO Tarek Tomes describes as the right choice going forward. READ MORE