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The pandemic has forced state and local governments across the U.S. to close their offices and move services online. But there are still people who need to pay with cash — so the gov tech vendor is offering a solution.
Vaccine management is fast becoming a technical challenge for state and local governments, and many of their efforts involve collaboration between health departments, software companies and consultants.
The COVID-19 crisis continues to prove that government can modernize quickly, respond to problems agilely and build innovative digital solutions to navigate an uncertain future as we move toward a new normal.
At least nine states are paying for short-term training.
Marin County Search and Rescue have been using e-bikes for the past year to extend the range and speed of rescue missions. The first pair of donated bikes were introduced in 2019 and the fleet has since been expanded.
Plus, Seattle IT is now accepting applications for its long-standing Technology Matching Fund grants program, Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center wins TIME 2020 invention award, and more.
Cisco consulted legislatures domestic and abroad to design a videoconferencing tool that would help them weather the pandemic, and beyond that, allow representatives to vote remotely while traveling.
A project out of Georgia Tech has developed an online tool that could help state and local governments assess the risk of coronavirus spread at gatherings from dinner parties to protests in their regions.
On the opening day of the annual Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, city officials from around the country discussed how the COVID-19 crisis has ushered in changes, which are helping them to become more resilient.
Another company has announced a vaccine management solution, this one especially focused on convincing people to take the vaccine by monitoring and addressing the obstacles of public opinion.
Partially built on the Salesforce platform, Accenture is offering a new set of tools and consulting services for health departments and other agencies to meet unprecedented demand for a vaccine.
Several communities in the Dayton area will use federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds to offer public Wi-Fi access. The pandemic has reinforced the need for reliable Internet in the region.
The Washington, D.C.-based company AlphaVu recently filed for patent protection for two algorithms: one dedicated to assessing public sentiment on COVID-related issues, the other for finding misinformation.
Airports have become testing sites for new technologies amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. In some places, temperature scanning technology is increasingly being used to monitor and slow the spread of the virus in real time.
In a virtual iteration of its annual conference, the Seattle-based data visualization company enlisted public-sector employees to discuss the growing need for clear, transparent data in government.
The San Francisco-based cloud software company is expanding its platform to include vaccine management, and also making its first foray into the competitive permitting and licensing market.
As students and their families wait for better Internet at home, West Virginia has deployed hundreds of new Wi-Fi access points in facilities across all of its counties that any student can use.
Decision-makers in government got a crash course in the importance of technology as the pandemic took hold over the past few months. CIOs must now make themselves indispensable in bridging the gap between policy and technology.
The contact tracing app has been downloaded more than 77,000 times since it was launched for smartphone users Tuesday. The state health department's goal is to reach 100,000 downloads by next week.
New technology that uses Wi-Fi and bluetooth signals to count people is being used to reduce COVID-19 exposure in high-traffic areas like libraries, gyms and other locations on several campuses.