A new approach to state and local government resiliency.

Colonial Pipeline, a Georgia-based company, shut down its gas pipeline system after a ransomware attack compromised some of its IT systems. The pipeline provides just less than half of all gas consumed on the East Coast.
Federal ransomware-fighting efforts are held back when corporate victims don’t report or accept their help. A U.S. Chamber of Commerce-convened panel examined the concerns that keep SMBs from reaching out.
A recent report from software firm VMWare Carbon Black estimates that its health-care customers experienced a 9,851 percent increase in hacking attempts in 2020 compared to the previous year.
According to a recently proposed Massachusetts bill, companies could soon face penalties for misusing facial recognition technology, causing them to pay hefty fines or go to court.
Ransomware is now a national security threat, and states and municipalities require more resources to fight back effectively. A recent Congressional hearing looks to identify their financial and strategic needs.
National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and other privacy activists discussed the state of government and corporate surveillance and data privacy in the tech-laden modern world.
The King County Council is postponing a vote on whether to ban facial recognition technology, citing the need for more research on the controversial topic. The council plans to revisit the issue May 19.
The Institute for Security and Technology-coordinated Ransomware Task Force calls for viewing ransomware as far more than just financial crime and making combating it a global priority.
Scripps Health has not publicly confirmed that ransomware caused the outage, though an internal memo implicates the attack vector. The attack disrupted scheduling, patient records and other critical systems.
New Hampshire lawmakers are waiting to see how the federal government navigates recent hacks before moving ahead with a piece of legislation aimed at tightening security around vendors and the supply chain.
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