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A new approach to state and local government resiliency.

Zero Trust Security Model in Government

Apr 02, 2021

Public sector agencies are in the middle of a massive digital transformation, which is now an imperative thanks to the massive shift to remote work.

A Blueprint for Data-Driven Insights

Mar 31, 2021

Your organization has an ocean of data — but does that data provide enough value?

Buyer's Guide to IoT Security

Mar 26, 2021

The definitive guide for evaluating IoT security solutions.

Eliminate Hidden Risks in the IT Supply Chain

Jan 20, 2021

IT supply chains produce value and they are inherently difficult to secure, making every IT procurement by a government agency a de facto security decision. Although threats to the security of IT supply chains can never be fully eliminated, agencies should adopt practices and policies for minimizing their exposure to potential breaches.

2021 Global Threat Report

Mar 19, 2021

As stay-at-home orders rippled around the world, we saw office blocks turn into ghost towns virtually overnight. Millions of workers retreated to hastily equipped home offices, creating a feeding frenzy for cyber predators spurred on by the windfall of easy access to sensitive data and networks.

Simplify Your Security Operations Center

Mar 18, 2021

Security is a leading issue for most organizations. One study estimates 30% of organizations will experience a cyberattack within the next 2 years. Along with the fact that the average cost of a data breach in 2019 was US$3.92 million, it's clear that IT security should be a top concern for any organization. Unfortunately, most organizations use manual processes for security operations, leaving themselves prone to error and slow to respond.

Securing your AWS Cloud Environment From Ransomware

Mar 08, 2021

Ransomware attacks are costing governments, nonprofits, and businesses billions of dollars, and interrupting operations.

Security for the Network of the Future

Jan 22, 2021

Governments are creating and storing more information than ever before, including sensitive internal records as well as the personal data of their constituents. They're charged with the security of an ever-shifting mix of desktop hardware and mobile devices; on-premises servers and cloud storage; and traditional software, apps and third-party platforms. The network of the future requires highly secure solutions that protect you at every step from endpoints to servers to the cloud.

Under Lock and Key: How Hardware Security Keys Strengthen Cyber Defenses

Jan 04, 2021

Identity and access management is critical to a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy. Passwords offer weak protection, and even multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools leave significant gaps in guarding against account takeovers. For many state and local governments, the most reliable and advanced protection comes from a hardware security key.

Smarter Security for a Better Protected Government

Feb 21, 2020

Given today's growing threat environment, state and local government agencies must focus on hardening the infrastructure rather than just securing the perimeter. Doing so effectively means leveraging the benefits of next-generation cloud, including the automation it enables to improve security, reliability and operational efficiency.

Defending Against Critical Threats

Mar 01, 2021

In this publication, you’ll find articles that address the ways cyber criminals sought to take advantage of the pandemic -- be it through phishing campaigns, leveraging the great migration to remote work, or even going after health care organizations themselves.

Trusted Access Report: Ensuring Secure Access Amid a Major Shift to Remote Work

Feb 26, 2021

The benefits of enabling remote work are plentiful: it can lower capital costs associated with physical office space, reduce the environmental impact of commuting, and provide better work/life balance for employees. Learn how to ensure secure access amid the major shift to remote work.

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