Grundy County, Ill., Encounters Quirks in New Software

The software is designed to streamline internal processes and get information out to the public in a more accurate and timely manner.

by Heidi Litchfield, Morris Daily Herald / April 16, 2015

(TNS) -- Grundy County Board members worked through technical issues Tuesday night as they rolled out new software designed to increase transparency.

The board approved the new software in December, called IQM2, at a cost of $16,000.

“When you launch any new software system, you may have issues,” County Board Chairman David Welter said after the meeting. “It didn’t hinder what the board was attempting to do.”

The software, made by Accela Inc., will help manage county agendas, minutes and supporting documents by streamlining internal processes and getting information out to the public in a more accurate and timely manner.

Board Member John Roth spoke up at the beginning of the meeting, saying the agenda on the screen and the one Welter was reading from didn’t match the one on his iPad, which gives board members access to documents via an application.

“I had opened an old version and I didn’t realize I had to close out of it and reopen the app to get the most recent version of the agenda,” Roth said after the meeting.

He said it’s too early to see all the benefits of the software, but he likes the ability for each individual committee to update what they need to.

“It should keep the paper work down, and provide more transparency,” Roth said.

Board Member Dick Joyce also had issues with one of the pages coming up on the software, but he said he believes the benefits will outweigh the issues the board faced on its first use.

The county’s new IT director, Tim Doss, said they have set up multiple training sessions to help get people up to speed.

“We had training prior to tonight’s meeting,” Doss said.

Kristen Torkelson, technology supervisor with the county, said she has uploaded historical documents, and the information, along with meeting recordings, will be available on the county’s new website when it launches.

Welter said the new website should be online within the next month.

Grainger incentive approved

In other news, the board also approved the four-year property tax rebate incentive for the W.W. Grainger expansion located in Economic Project Development Area No. 1, in the hopes Grainger will choose its Minooka site to expand.

Three agenda items were removed or sent back to committee.

Approval of the State’s Attorney’s office security installation was sent back to the Law & Justice Committee because the meeting was canceled last week and the committee hadn’t approved the resolution.

The approval of revised Grundy County Rules and Procedures was sent back to committee to clarify wording on some of the proposed changes.

The approval of surrendering Grundy County jurisdiction over certain Brisbin Road Properties was sent back until an annexation agreement could be signed.

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