L.A. County Continues Building Online Presence

The county announced it has launched an open data website and a new online job application system.

by News Staff / May 13, 2015

Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous county with more than 10 million residents, is continuing to add online services.

On May 7 the county announced it has launched an open data website after nearly two years of work. The website, built on Socrata, offers hundreds of data sets in a variety of categories: budget, public employee salaries, health, GIS data, public safety and “the largest online collection of property assessment records in the U.S.” The county CIO will work with departments to add more information to the website in the future.
“This is an important first step for the county. We are now offering more information in an accessible and unprecedented way to our county residents,” said County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. “We will continue to ask for transparency and to encourage innovation with the treasure trove of data that our county collects.”
At the beginning of the month, the county introduced a new online job application system, which features an improved user interface, the ability to create profiles and job tracking functionality. The new system is accessible here. L.A. County’s current job application system will be retired in September.

This story was originally published by TechWire
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