NYC Sets Record for 311 Contacts

It's not the gritty New York City of the '70s, but rats, graffiti and potholes are mainstays in 2015.

by / January 9, 2015

People are complaining more than ever, and leaders in New York City think that’s a good thing.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Jan. 8 that 2014 saw a record-breaking number of 311 interactions between city and citizen – more than 28 million.

“This unprecedented number of customer contacts is a testament to the extraordinary daily efforts of our 311 team to inform the public on all city matters and deliver essential services to New Yorkers in every neighborhood,” de Blasio said in a statement. “The historic growth in contacts is also credited to expanded programs like pre-K for all 4-year-olds in this city and paid sick leave for more New Yorkers, in addition to increased and more varied use of 311 technologies to reach more New York City families. I commend 311 and challenge them to an even more productive year as we kick off 2015.”

New Yorkers contact 311 for a wide variety of information requests and complaints. Complaints of vermin, graffiti, potholes, burned-out streetlights and loud music are among the most common complaints in the city.

If data from the city’s open data portal is any indication, Woodside is among the best neighborhoods to live, where “loud talking” is the most common complaint.

In July 2014, the NYU Furman Center created an infographic showing the most common complaint in each neighborhood, together forming a colorful tapestry representing the world's most talked about city.

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