Sequans and MiTAC Bring First of Several WiMAX End User Devices to Market

Fixed WiMAX desktop units available now; Mobile WiMAX units coming soon.

Sequans Communications,and MiTAC have announced their collaboration and the availability of the first of several WiMAX devices MiTAC is manufacturing using Sequans' WiMAX fixed and mobile system-on-chips (SOCs).

T220B, the first unit to become available under the Sequans/ MiTAC agreement, is a fixed WiMAX (802.16-2004) self-installable desktop unit that provides wireless broadband connectivity at the 3.5 GHz frequency. T220B features switched diversity between four built-in high gain antennas and supports space/ time coding (STC) and subchannelization. The RF chip for this device is provided by Sierra Monolithics, one of Sequans' RF partners.

MiTAC is also developing mobile WiMAX subscriber units built around Sequans' 802.16e-2005 SOCs. The mobile WiMAX units currently under development for release in late 2006 include a PCMCIA card and a desktop unit.

"Sequans' chips deliver the highest performance and flexibility and allow us to build a full range of WiMAX end user devices with advanced features and functionality," said Jay Cheng, general manager of MiTAC Technology Corporation. "Following our successful collaboration with Sequans on the high performance fixed WiMAX desktop unit, we are now developing a range of mobile devices. Sequans high performance chips allow us to create small form factor units with the lowest power consumption in the industry."

The MiTAC WiMAX end user devices are thoroughly tested and proven interoperable with WiMAX base stations using chips from Sequans or others. According to a company statement, Sequans has been at the forefront of interoperability testing.