Digital Communities Special Report

June 2017


The Age of Can the Tech that Drives 311 Help Government Deliver an Amazon-like Experience?

Turning 311 from a hotline into a platform for citizen engagement and customer service is not simple but cities are proving it can be done.


311: From a Hotline to a Platform for Citizen Engagement

The days when cities offered a three-digit hotline service have been eclipsed by what might be called the Amazon era, where customer service is paramount.

Cloud 311 Popularity Grows as Cities of All Sizes Move to Remotely Hosted CRM

While cloud doesn’t provide a huge price break compared to traditional 311 solutions, it does give cities flexibility, including the ability to set up and launch 311 quickly.

The Future of CRM and Customer Service: Look to Boston

Every service request — by phone, mobile app or Boston’s Web portal — becomes a piece of data that can be used to track the city’s performance.

CRM Use Is Gaining Traction in Local Government — Here Are the Numbers to Prove It

Data from the Digital Cities and Counties Surveys reveals that governments are either investing in or planning to deploy CRM systems.