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Former Boston Innovation and Technology Department chief of staff Alex Lawrence returns to city government — and to the department — as interim CIO on the heels of David Elges’ departure.
On-demand transit projects, like Metro Micro in Los Angeles, are proving instructive to how larger fixed-route services can evolve to be more convenient, flexible and equitable forms of mobility.
A report finds that only 71% of residents in Joplin, Mo., have a broadband connection, a number well below the national average of 87%. Joplin knows it can't become a smart city with this kind of gap.
Thus far, Pacific Gas and Electric Company has installed 46 AI-equipped cameras in areas of California that are at high risk of wildfires. The technology is supposed to help the company detect smoke before fires spread.
Motivated by public interest in zero-emission vehicles and potential long-term cost savings, a small but growing number of Connecticut towns and cities are incorporating electric vehicles into their municipal fleets.
The new team is the Anne Arundel County, Md., state attorney's office's new "Body Worn Camera Unit" tasked with processing video recorded by the police that will later be presented in court.
In Nevada, Elko County commissioners have asked the county clerk to consider alternatives to Dominion voting machines, the election technology that the county has been using since 2004.
In the near future, residents of Mercedes, Texas, may be able to pay their utility bills using a form of cryptocurrency. The Mercedes City Commission voted for city staff to research the issue further.
Elges announced that he will be leaving city service later this month after three years in the position. His impending departure comes on the heels of the election of a new Mayor Michelle Wu.
While the lion's share of the funding available to state government in the just-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill will be dished out based on formulas, the majority of the grant programs will be competitive.
In the wake of the $1.2 trillion federal infrastructure bill, state and local government organizations find their digital equity efforts robustly funded, while many leaders at those levels are rolling out specific plans.
The nation’s third largest transit provider is considering several approaches to reducing congestion and single-occupancy trips, while giving residents and visitors more transportation options.
Hollywood, Fla., doesn’t outfit officers with body cameras, an accountability issue raised again this week when a teen carjacking suspect died in custody after a police chase to Miami-Dade County.
How virtual will courts be after COVID-19? In Oregon, Multnomah County Circuit Court is the only court with a fully virtual jury selection process. Stakeholders continue to examine the merit of other virtual court ideas.
A hospice care center in Lafayette, Colo., hosted a pilot study last week involving a humanoid robot named BEOMNI that can do things like take a patient's temperature with a thermometer.