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2021 Paper

Navigating Uncertainty: Helping Special Districts Adapt to Change and Prepare for the Future

Discover key learnings from throughout the 2020 Special Districts Program as we quickly pivoted to help districts navigate the uncertainty of the pandemic.



Accelerating Change

WSSC Water, one of the nation’s largest water and wastewater utilities, is digitizing manual processes and turning to data to improve the customer experience and help make important decisions about the utility’s future.

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Rebuilding Confidence

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority, which operates John Glenn Columbus International Airport and two other airports in the area, is exploring the use of video analytics to reduce health concerns for nervous travelers, as well as improve security and efficiency.

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Pivoting Toward the Future

The Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library in Ohio, which operates a 500,000-square-foot main library and 40 branch locations, switched to eBooks and virtual events to reach more residents during the pandemic and beyond.

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Overcoming Adversity

The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority, which provides sewage collection and treatment to more than 38,000 households and businesses in Pennsylvania, offers advice after navigating and overcoming a cyberattack during the pandemic.

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Dealing with Disruption

The Atlanta Housing Authority is turning to technology to maintain its vital services and support its employees working from home despite massive disruption.

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Data-Driven Transit

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, operator of the nation’s third-largest public transit system, is meeting the needs of a new generation of riders and employees by overhauling its bus system, forming innovative partnerships, and relying on data and connectivity.

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Remaining Resilient

At the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District in Florida -- one of the fastest-growing public gas districts in the nation – mobile technology, digital workflows and smart integration are forming a strong technology backbone to support worker productivity and citizen service delivery in the midst of disruption.

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Moving Toward a Data-Driven Future

IoT and smart automation are transforming the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, allowing it to more proactively manage its infrastructure, share data and become more customer-centric.

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Special Districts Confront Today's Issues and Prepare for Tomorrow

This publication highlights how leaders in key verticals, such as power, housing, transit, fire and libraries, have coalesced around solving important issues districts face by relying on technology innovation and new partnerships. Perhaps most importantly, the publication details how districts can adopt a future-forward mindset that helps them address the challenges of operating and protecting critical infrastructure and services today, while preparing for what's ahead.

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