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Finding Innovation in Power

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District relies on a high-capacity network and creative services to provide reliable energy to its residents.

Springtime in the Park: Using Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience

How a connected park system helps Naperville Park District attract more visitors

The Long Road to Autonomous Mobility

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority takes innovation to the streets of California.

Atlanta Housing Authority Pushes Limits to Stay Ahead of Demand

How new technologies and operating models support a different way of thinking about providing services

Drive This! The Ohio Turnpike, Traffic, and Technology

What connected vehicles and automated customer service mean for the future of traffic.

Getting to Know the San Antonio Water System

Spotlighting a world-leading water utility for its track record in innovation and conservation

Building a New Community for Special Districts

A recap of what we learned during our inaugural year and a sneak peek into the stories captured in the annual special districts report.

Being the First One Off the Cliff

How the Costa Mesa Sanitary District uses tablets to bring efficiencies to the job.

Staying on Mission and Innovating at the Edges at the Lower Colorado River Authority

One CAO offers his perspective in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and shares the impact it had on his district.

Building on the Greatest Urban Innovation of the 20th Century to Create Next-Gen Citizen Experience

We like to flush and forget. But the infrastructure that takes all of that away is the legacy of sanitary sewer systems, the urban innovation that made cities possible.

Lighting Up Parks: Broadband and the Huron-Clinton Metroparks of Michigan

Looking to the future, the park system is adding Wi-Fi to meet anticipated connectivity demands.

The Districts Podcast: Getting to Know Capital Metro in Austin, Texas

Taking a brief look back at our recent on-the-ground events and getting to know Texas' Capital Metropolitan Authority.

The Districts Podcast: Detroit and Houston or Bust

Going deep on The Districts' program and purpose.

The Districts Podcast: How Tech Is Reshaping Old Industries

The Lower Colorado River Authority's John Miri joins us to discuss how technology is inevitably reshaping old industries — and much, much more.


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