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Atlanta Housing Authority Pushes Limits to Stay Ahead of Demand


How new technologies and operating models support a different way of thinking about providing services

Paul W. Taylor / October 5, 2018
Atlanta Capitol building in black and white Atlanta Capitol Building

The Atlanta Housing Authority exists to provide affordable shelter to city residents in need. It still administers housing ventures but it is now a major player in area real estate, providing affordable housing and a full suite of wraparound services. To stay ahead of demand, the authority's CIO Dr. Mark Campbell pushes the envelope by implementing new technologies and operating models. Coming off a successful mobility initiative, Campbell is now looking at network and security on one hand and an agency app and chatbots on the other. Campbell says the build out of an infrastructure it can grow into is critical, and the Authority is using Agile Scrum, a framework for managing processes, to help ensure success. We also hear from Don Parente, Assistant Vice President of Engineering and Architecture for AT&T Public Sector, on taking advantage of cost curves when standing up new networks to support the Internet of Things.


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