Internet 'Uncaucus' Planned for Iowa

Thousands of Iowans are expected to show up to a new kind of live political event in Des Moines, and even more are expected to watch and participate in discussion online.

by / October 2, 2012

The Iowa Caucus was on Jan. 3, but Internet denizens are planning a second event for Oct. 6. Called the Iowa Internet Uncaucus, organizers from the Des Moines Register, social news website Reddit, and payment service website Dwolla are creating an event that will gather thousands of Iowans in person and online to discuss ideas.

On the Locust Street Bridge in downtown Des Moines, citizens will meet to “engage, refine, and advance 15 bipartisan ideas from around the state,” the official website reads. “In doing so, we’ll key in our representatives to what matters most to us not as Democrats or Republicans, but as neighbors.”

Iowans that can't make it to the live event will be able to attend virtually via livestream, participate in online discussion in video-themed chat rooms and Google Hangouts, share documents using Google Docs and, and vote on group decisions.

The Iowa Internet Uncaucus will use technology to bring more people into political discussions and some organizers said the idea could easily be repackaged and used in other states as a way to challenge traditional political discourse. Or as the event's Twitter account puts it, “The Internet Uncaucus is not your grandfather's caucus.”

More details about the event can be found on the event's official website.

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