Ohio State Agency Deploys Saba Learning to Promote Local Business Growth

Fifty-three campuses will make use of learning software.

by / May 13, 2002
Saba, a leading provider of human-capital development and management (HCDM) solutions, recently announced that the Enterprise Ohio Network (EON), a network of public two-year campuses sponsored by The Ohio Board of Regents, has deployed Saba Learning to manage student assessments, certifications, profiles and competencies in their 53 Ohio two-year campuses.

The EON intends to leverage this competency management solution to better serve the state's job training requirements in developing Ohio's workforce, thereby encouraging the growth and retention of businesses around the state.

Saba is a member of a consortium led by Prometric, a provider of computer-based testing and assessment services and part of The Thomson Corporation, which was awarded the EON contract.

Prometric has integrated best-of-breed solutions to provide competency development and management capabilities to SkillsMAX centers -- the testing facilities to be created in the 53 colleges.

The SkillsMAX centers will enable thousands of corporate learners, transitional and displaced workers, and college students to easily develop and manage their competencies via a web-browser. Learners will meet with a SkillsMAX Center Consultant to create profiles in the Saba system, take assessments to determine their competencies, create job profiles and perform gap analyses.

Learners will then be directed to targeted education and shown what courses to take to close their competency gaps.

"Saba was selected to provide the learning management platform to support testing, job models, assessment offerings, and high-stakes IT content of this end-to-end solution," explained Christine Frey, Manager of e-Business at Prometric and Engagement Director for the EON. "We are confident that the consortium we have selected will enable the EON to maximize its value proposition to the two-year campuses through an integrated approach to competency management."

"We have witnessed global enterprises, federal agencies, and national projects successfully implement Saba solutions," said Bobby Yazdani, Saba Founder and Chairman. "It is gratifying to now see state governments recognize the value of their people and choose to provide Human Capital Development and Management solutions on a state-wide basis."
Blake Harris Editor
Platforms & Programs