Postal Service Updates Plan to Reflect New Law and New Technologies

Technology is being applied to add customer value, including rapid expansion of Intelligent Mail.

by / December 21, 2007

The Strategic Transformation Plan 2006-2010, the Postal Service roadmap for the future, has been updated to reflect changes from last year's passage of the Postal Act of 2006.

The update describes how technology is being applied to add customer value. Most significant is the Postal Service's rapid expansion of Intelligent Mail, which uses new barcodes and systems to provide end-to-end visibility of mail. Intelligent Mail will also enable an expanded service measurement. The system will be developed and tested in 2008 in tandem with implementation of modern service standards for all mailing services.

"We're proud of our accomplishments, and we're ready to raise the bar to ensure a viable postal system for future generations," said Postmaster General John Potter and Board of Governors Chairman James C. Miller III in a letter included in the 2007 Update. "There are challenges, but for every challenge there is also an opportunity."

The updated plan credits postal employees with helping achieve record service performance and eight consecutive years of productivity growth. Employee-related strategies in the plan are designed to further transition the Postal Service to a more customer-focused culture, and help prepare the workforce to respond quickly to changing customer needs and emerging technologies.

The plan also describes Postal Service sustainability efforts, including new energy conservation measures and its expansion of environmentally-friendly business practices. The Postal Service has a strong environmental track record, including being honored with 37 White House Closing the Circle Awards and operating the nation's largest alternative fuel-capable fleet.

The law makes a number of changes to postal oversight and regulation, but does not alter the Postal Service's mission -- providing trusted, affordable and universal service.

The 2007 Update is available online.

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