Software to Improve Business Processes

Software to Improve Business Processes

by / June 19, 2002
The Ben Graham Corporation, world-recognized leader in process improvement, has announced the release of Business Process Charting 6.0 - Professional Edition flowcharting software.

The Graham flowcharting methodology, developed in the 1940's was the first tool designed specifically for documenting information processes. It has helped organizations save millions of dollars with streamlined processes and improved workflow. Graham charts have documented process flows from the machine shop to accounting, from the mineshaft to personnel, from R&D to legal, helping people build better business processes.

The Ben Graham Corporation has provided process improvement training and consulting services since 1953. Graham Process Charting Software was first introduced in 1990. This software enables employees and managers to prepare detail level charts of their work processes. Behind the charting software is the Graham Process Improvement Methodology based on direct participation of the people involved in the day-to-day work.

"The charts provide a common language that can be understood by everyone," explained Ben B Graham, President of the Ben Graham Corporation, "They provide a clear picture of the process with enough detail to encourage common sense improvement ideas by the people who do the work."

"Eight Basic Symbols cover all aspects of a work process at the element level - doing work, checking work, moving work and nothing happening. Delays, which typically account for over 95% of the processing time are clearly represented in the charts," said Graham. "When you put these charts into the hands of the right people - the people who do the work, you will end up with better processes. And the charts also serve as a valuable training aide, helping to bring new employees up to speed quickly and helping managers understand what their people are doing."

The package includes two booklets to guide you through your first project: "Business Process Improvement Methodology - An Introduction to Work Simplification" and "Business Process Improvement Project Guide". A "Getting Started" manual will get you up and running with the software quickly. Several sample charts taken from actual processes demonstrate the features of the software.

Business Process Charting 6.0 - Professional Edition is available for $495.00 US plus shipping from A fully operational evaluation copy of the software is also available on the website.
Blake Harris Editor
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