Summit Encourages Advancement of Asian Pacific Americans in the Federal Workforce

The workshop was intended to help Asian-Pacific federal workers advance their careers.

by / May 13, 2002
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao and Office of Personnel Management Director Kay Cole James hosted the first day-long federal government summit to encouragement the advancement of Asian Pacific Americans in the federal workforce.

The Asian Pacific American Career Advancement Summit included a day-long workshop designed to bring together government workers of Asian-Pacific heritage who want to advance within the federal workforce.

The summit focused on providing them with management insights, new skills and mentoring opportunities that will help Asian and Pacific heritage government employees maximize their potential to advance within the federal government system.

"The goal in starting this historic, first-time ever training program for Asian and Pacific American career government employees, is to help them acquire the skill sets that will increase their chances of advancement in the federal sector," Chao said.

"The speakers and workshops offered practical, relevant tips on how to manage one's career in the federal government," she added. "I'm pleased that OPM Director Kay Cole James partnered with us to make this vision an historic reality."

Other high level Asian American government officials who shared their insights on achievement and excellence included: Special Assistant to the President Edward Moy; Assistant Attorney General Viet Dinh; Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of Labor Sam Mok, Director of the Women's Bureau Shinae Chun and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Economic and Social Council Sichan Siv.

Additional information on the Asian Pacific American Federal Career Advancement Summit can be found online.
Blake Harris Editor
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