Yahoo! Launches "Hiring Manager Web"

Yahoo! Launches "Hiring Manager Web"

by / June 19, 2002
Yahoo! Inc. has announced the integration of Resumix (formerly a HotJobs business unit) into Yahoo!'s Enterprise Solutions Division and the launch of Hiring Manager Web (HMWeb), a new Web-based e-recruitment and human resource solution for business and government organizations.

Through HMWeb, organizations can reduce the cost of hiring, speed the time to hire, and place better qualified hires in open positions. Human Resource departments are frequently inundated with resumes, yet are increasingly expected to attract and retain talented candidates while also satisfying the internal communications and collaboration needs throughout the hiring process. The complex tasks of communicating and collaborating across the enterprise at every stage of the hiring process are simple and intuitive with HMWeb:

-- Hiring managers can independently create and edit jobs requisitions online

-- Recruiters receive automatic notification of changes and additions and can electronically ask questions or discuss issues with the hiring managers

-- New qualified candidates are easily identified for review and screening

-- Interview planning is fast and convenient with HMWeb's scheduling functionality

-- Interviewers have an expedient electronic forum in which to provide feedback

-- Notifications and communication process leverages an organization's native communication platform such as Microsoft Exchange.

"The Hiring Manager Web solution is specifically designed to facilitate effective and efficient teamwork in the hiring process," said Tim Villanueva, vice president and general manager of Resumix. "From requisition creation to candidate qualification to post-interview assessment, HMWeb enables companies to compete in their marketplace by helping them find the best quality employees faster than their competition."

The Resumix business unit became a part of Yahoo! with the acquisition of Hot Ltd. in February 2002. Over the past 14 years, Resumix has been a leader in delivering automated recruiting solutions that power the hiring strategies for more than 250 customers in the Global 2000. Resumix built its patented technology on the foundation of extensive experience working with some of the world's most successful enterprises and leading experts in technology, human resources, and linguistics.

"Resumix continues to set the benchmark for powerful products and solutions serving the corporate recruiting and human capital management environment," said Jim Fanella, senior vice president, Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions. "With the introduction of Hiring Manager Web, we're proud to be delivering to the marketplace a self-service workflow, collaboration, and communication platform that will optimize the entire recruiting process for hiring managers and human resource professionals."

Organizations interested in finding out how they can improve their recruitment process through HMWeb can visit
Blake Harris Editor
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