California CIO Academy Awards Announced

Winners of Public CIO's California CIO Academy Awards announced in Sacramento, Calif.

by / February 23, 2010

Photo: California CIO Teri Takai, who awarded the Califonia CIO Academy Awards on Feb. 23/Photo by Gerry McIntyre

Winners of this year's California CIO Academy Awards, a program hosted by Public CIO magazine, were announced Tuesday, Feb. 23 in Sacramento, Calif. The awards ceremony served as the climax of the California CIO Academy, a two-day forum for government IT leaders to share experiences and learn about trends.

California CIO Teri Takai distributed two "Outstanding Technology Leader" awards. The first went to Joe Panora, agency information officer for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Panora won the award for his efforts to overhaul his agency's IT infrastructure.

The second honor went to Richard Gillihan, chief of IT operations and consulting for the California Department of Finance. Takai praised Gillihan's financial guidance of the state's forthcoming IT consolidation.

Takai also handed out more than two dozen "Outstanding IT Manager" awards, which went to lower-level IT employees. All shared the stage at once and shook hands with Takai before the two main awards were announced. Many of the awardees brought their families who filled the room with raucous celebration.

Lisa Senitte - Board of Equalization

Gerry Lobo - Department of Consumer Affairs

Devin Holmes - Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Elbert Lawrence - Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Susan Davis-James - Department of Finance

Deborah Ray-Sims - Department of Food and Agriculture

Jeff Venegas - Department of Food and Agriculture

Sandy Adams - Department of General Services

Darlene Nunes - Department of Insurance

Stephanie Bobolis - Department of Managed Health Care

Deedee Hayes - Department of Motor Vehicles

Theresa Giles - Department of Personnel Administration

Keith Wright - Department of Social Services

Paul Allen - Department of Transportation

Michael Hom - Department of Water Resources

Tony Morshed - Department of Water Resources

Bob Bradshaw - Employment Development Department

Trisha Roman - Employment Development Department

Mike Sakamoto - Employment Development Department

Edward Ross - California Highway Patrol

Sgt. Maj. Marc Glenn - California National Guard

Col. Don Turos - California National Guard

Megan Johnson - Office of Technology Services

Amy Tong - California Public Employees Retirement System

Frank DeYoung - California Public Employees Retirement System

Lynda Hammitt - Franchise Tax Board

Beverly Taylor - State Controller's Office



Andy Opsahl

Andy Opsahl is a former writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.

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