March 15

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Forward-thinking agency leaders recognize that serving both constituents and employees requires IT systems and solutions that are responsive instead of reactive, and positioned to turn on a dime to meet the needs of a modern workforce.

That’s the strategy behind Government 360, a four-part blueprint for government modernization that encompasses a flexible infrastructure and widespread automation and mobility. Throughout this year, we’ll be rolling out stories, videos and webinars about how state and local leaders across the country are changing the way government works, while helping to engage citizens and further their civic mission.

This first of four webinars will introduce the Government 360 concept, and examine the first pillar of the strategy: How to build a modern, secure infrastructure rooted in the cloud.

Join us March 15, 2018, at 11 am PT/2 pm ET, as we examine how cloud can help government agencies become more agile and efficient, free up resources to perform value-added tasks, increase the pace of innovation and better respond to pressures to modernize.

We’ll also explore:
- How cloud gives agencies the operational agility they need to manage a hybrid mix of cloud options as well as on-premises data centers.
- How to build the foundation for cloud-based modernization.
- Pillar One in practice: How the city of Las Vegas is migrating away from their complex, dated IT infrastructure to a cloud-based environment that’s allowing them to maximize efficiencies, improve agility and prepare for the future.



Michael Sherwood

Michael Sherwood

Director of Innovation and Technology, City of Las Vegas

Aaron Erickson

Aaron Erickson

Senior Director, Public Sector Strategic Programs, Oracle Corporation

William Sanders

William Sanders

Director of Platform Cloud Services, Public Sector, Oracle Corporation

Bob Woolley

Bob Woolley — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government