4 Keys to Finding Government Contracts to Bid On

Navigator is a tool that can connect you to current and developing opportunities and the states and localities in search of IT solutions.

UPDATED: A Resource Guide to Coronavirus for Government Leaders

The novel coronavirus has tested the durability of federal, state and local governments around the country and the world. This list of resources is meant to connect leaders with useful tools to aid in response efforts.

3 More Reasons Why Data is a State and Local Government Priority

Three new federal laws will drive state and local governments to collect and analyze more information to prove programs are working and funds are being spend effectively.

Do’s and Don'ts of Government Sales

People buy from people they trust. It’s a fundamental law of sales — in fact, it’s the first law in e.Republic’s 10 Laws of Government Sales and Marketing.

Selling to Government and What to Know Before You Bid

State and local governments now spend more than $111 billion on IT annually. That represents an enormous opportunity for technology companies.

Learning to Speak the Language of Government

How can you be more consistently successful in government sales?

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Government Contracting Strategy

States and localities spend upwards of $3.25 trillion annually on goods and services. And the bulk of this purchasing flows through contracts.

Are You Reaching ALL the Leaders Influencing Your Technology Procurement?

Government buying decisions are made by groups. Don’t neglect the multiple points of purchasing influence in the procurement process. This factor is overlooked by most tech companies.

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