2013 Q3 Special Report: Pathways to Personalized Learning

Personalized learning holds the promise of transforming the education experience for students and raising engagement and achievement levels. In the 2013 survey commissioned for this Special Report, out of 120 K-20 education officials, 63 percent said creating a personalized learning environment was a top priority for their education institutions. In stark contrast to the traditional, one-size-fits-all model of education, personalized learning ties learning to an individual student’s strengths, weaknesses and interests; and often lets the student work at his or her own pace, and, where possible, allows students to direct their own lessons. This CDE Special Report looks at the personalized learning movement sweeping through K-20 education. It presents research and firsthand accounts of how personalized learning is transforming the way we have traditionally viewed the educational model, and how leaders can overcome challenges to bring its benefits to their institutions.

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