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Andrea Milligan

With extensive training as a librarian, Andrea Milligan loves contributing valuable resources to faculty across many disciplines. So it was a natural fit when she began providing professional development around instructional technology for faculty and staff, as well as supporting them with instructional technology for online and hybrid courses.

At North Shore Community College, located in Danvers, Mass., Milligan helps approximately 160 full-time faculty and hundreds of adjunct faculty try innovative pedagogies so they can create more engaging and interactive learning experiences with their students. As part of her role, she implemented a professional development day where faculty can share and learn about valuable tools and resources. She also leads a two-day Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute where faculty learn about how instructional technology can impact teaching and learning. What’s more, she implemented an advisory council to advise staff on current initiatives aligned with faculty needs. 

Beyond professional development, Milligan has also been instrumental in supporting student needs on campus. Case in point: The Affordable@NSCC project focuses on implementing open education and library resources to make things like textbooks more accessible and affordable for students. So far, these open education resources have saved students more than $100,000, and are expected to increase savings even more in the future.

Milligan is proud of the positive impact that her team has had on faculty, staff and students, and she recognizes the crucial role that technology plays in education today. “When used thoughtfully and implemented around accomplishing pedagogical goals and learning objectives, educational technology and instructional technologies can enhance the student learning experience,” she said. “For me, it’s a possibility.” — Julia McCandless

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