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Demetrios Roubos

Miguel Ostos

It may seem strange that an information security officer started out as a hacker, but Demetrios Roubos calls himself a high school hacker, and he even won a science fair doing just that. Roubos described his job as particularly interesting at the higher ed level because researchers want access to information, but the university also needs to protect individual property as well as confidential personal information. 

Balancing the two requires agility. “Stockton has a history of innovation and a management team that has embraced it,” said Roubos. “Our leadership is open to adopting change, promoting innovation and taking risks. I’ve been very fortunate to operate in an environment that’s so open and agile.” 

Roubos promotes creativity and innovation in Stockton’s Information Security division, as well as with students across campus. He takes on student interns to work in cybersecurity during the summer and holds “build your own PC” events, which draw kids from outside the computer science program.

He also developed StockHack, a 24-hour team competition for students who are asked to either solve a problem or create an original project. In addition, Roubos serves as program administrator for the Computer Science Teachers of America competition, a technology problem-solving event for local high school students.

“I try to instill in students that technology is so broad and so pervasive, they can find a career doing anything they want,” he said. “You can be an artist, you can do motion capture, log analysis, there’s a lot out there within the technology. StockHack goes beyond problem-solving and looks to creativity by asking students to go broad instead of going deep.” — Jennifer Snelling


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