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Ronald M. Bergmann

The real power behind technology is its ability to influence the public good, Ronald M. Bergmann said. “Students are going to be critical to guide us in the future of democracy and address the inequities of our society,” he said. “The story of Lehman and CUNY students is often a story of immigrants. Here, they are able to obtain a quality education and join the middle class. CUNY is a vehicle of upward mobility.”

Bergmann was instrumental in creating the Bronx Information Portal, the first project of its kind to map the locations where student interns and faculty serve within the surrounding community. The project provided a visual picture of Lehman College’s more than 134,000 hours of service for annual social work internships in the community.

Bergmann and his team were awarded the CUNY 2016 Excellence in Technology award for innovation after speeding up formerly manual business processes through automation. Bergmann has also played a leading role in immersing CUNY students in the latest technology, including the Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Academy and Development Lab. The lab exposes students in all majors — including arts, journalism, theater and communication — to new technological skills they will use in industry and internship opportunities. The academy is taking education to the next level by helping students develop the literacies needed for the workplace of the future, explained Bergmann.

“The Bronx is an urban lab for our students,” Bergmann said. “Through experiential and service learning, students become engaged in the wider community. We’re all contributing to a common mission and a common purpose.” — Jennifer Snelling


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