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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
Whose responsibility is it to fund state and local emergency management?
Two senior positions in the state are open.
Note to self: When warned — act!
Compiled by the Department of Homeland Security.
Are you ready for the unthinkable?
Actually, mass shootings “everywhere!”
The fat lady has not sung.
Ready or not, here comes AI!
Yes, it has almost been three years from the start of the pandemic.
Run, don’t walk, to share bad news.
Four standards combined into one!
Climate-related disasters are blowing up insurance losses.
Strategy, tactics, weapons — and a fighting spirit!
Emergency managers all need to orient people to the EOC functions.
There can be a cumulative impact to this series of storms.
You can scale your technology investments based on your facility and budget.
Then there are states banning TikTok from government devices.
Another “shields up” issue. Don’t believe your eyes and ears!
Living on the beach, people have short and long memories.
Six-year-old shoots teacher.
A few tips all of us should follow.
Storm after storm impacting the Bay Area.
Insights from Florida after Hurricane Ian.
Could you manage a $10 billion disaster recovery effort?
Snow is a disaster that can be everywhere at once.
What brands say about your politics.
Does it matter anymore?
Their failed strategy has been exposed.