18 North American Volcanoes Listed as 'Very High' Risk

And I live 40 miles from No. 3 on the list!

by Eric Holdeman / October 25, 2018

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has come out with an updated list of the most dangerous North American volcanoes.

As noted in the article, we keep learning more as science continues to make progress on measuring risk. Mount Rainier is the most dangerous because of the population that could be impacted by an eruption.  

If you are planning on visiting Seattle, don't worry about that volcano (homelessness is a bigger risk). The picture in the first link above is from Seattle's perspective, but it is 60 miles southwest from Seattle and "up wind" from any volcanic ash fall (on a normal day). My son and his family do live in the lahar zone in Puyallup, Wash.  

They are betting on the second part of my four phases of denial, "If it does happen, it won't happen to them." Note, land movement, a.k.a. lahar, is not an insurable risk these days. 

If it were not for Mount St. Helens blowing its top back in 1980, most people would discount the risk altogether. 

For those of you who have not visited Mount Rainier, what is the name of the last stop on the mountain/volcano where you can drive to? Paradise. Note, it was named for the wildflowers, not the lahar.