2017 a Year of Recovery in Fort McMurray

The most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history

by Eric Holdeman / January 1, 2017

Fort McMurray is a lesson for the rest of the Western United States about the increase in fire danger that we have seen develop over the years as the drought in the West has continued. For a wildland fire this was very expensive due to the loss of 2,400 homes and then also the impact of lost economic activity. See Challenge 2017: Fort McMurray faces massive rebuild after most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history.

Interesting to note that they are aware of the cost of the damage to public property--when reconstruction begins. This from heavy machinery damaging either utilities or the rights of way, like sidewalks and curbs. This is something I had not considered or heard of in the past. 

While all of the reconstruction activity will add jobs and more money to the GDP of the region, I'm sure that almost everyone would be willing to sacrifice that to having not had the damages to start with. 

Claire Rubin shared the link above.

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