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Disaster Zone TV: Military Support to Civil Authorities

This show is about how the US military supports disaster operations.

by Eric Holdeman / February 26, 2014

Because of the popular media, television, movies, games and the Internet there are a whole host of misperceptions about how and when the United States military forces will be brought in to assist in times of disaster.  The urban myths around authorities, martial law, who's in charge and how the system in general works are far and wide.  


Hopefully the show I did with a LTC Matt France, Defense Coordinating Element (DCE) associated with FEMA Region X will dispel some of those misconceptions and get good information into the hands of people who need to access military assistance when the going gets tough.  


The formal term for how they render assistance is called Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)  I encourage you to read up on the system and processes for requesting military assistance and now, unlike even 15 years ago, there is a DCE team in every FEMA region dedicated to helping you understand the processes and how the system works.



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