3 Climate Change Numbers

Did you know the United States is an Arctic nation?

by Eric Holdeman / April 18, 2019

No one knows more about the impact of climate change on their environment than the people of Alaska living within the Arctic Circle. The big number for them and other areas of the world with ice is the estimated 130 billion tons of ice pouring into the oceans each year as water. 

Alaskan villages are no longer protected from Arctic storms lashing the Bering Sea because the ice sheets are gone that protected the land mass and coastal inhabitants.  

There is the estimated 600,000 weather-related deaths that have occurred between 1995 and 2015. Even if that estimate is off by 50 percent, it still means 300,000 people died. Here in the United States we have not suffered tens of thousands of deaths, but there have been thousands. And then there is 2018 and the $14 billion disasters that are now in the books. Perhaps the "billion figure" has become too commonplace for us. It is a lot of money, and every disaster adds to the national debt since we don't have money in the bank to pay for these disasters. 

Switching gears a bit, there is a $500 billion disaster coming. One scenario could be the Cascadia Subduction fault off the coast of Northern California, Oregon and Washington state. Toss in British Columbia and the mother-of-all-earthquakes could make it happen. 

Our world is becoming ever more dangerous and the costs of disasters in lives lost, and physical and economic damages keep rising. 

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