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Business in Disaster Report

This is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Report

by Eric Holdeman / May 31, 2012

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put together The Role of Business in Disaster Response Report which is an amalgamation of articles by different businesses from a variety of business sectors.  I started reading it this morning, but have a long way to go to finish it.


Instead of this getting buried digitally somewhere I figured it was more important to get the link out to you.  The good news is that "generally" major corporations have figured out that they need programs in place to protect their interests.  The next step is the recognition that they are co-dependent on others and they need to be working with all elements of their supply chain and vendors to be sure that there isn't a weak link that brings them to their knees.  There is also a link to their corporate social responsibility and how they link to their communities of interest and what they can do to help when disasters strike.


The bad news is that small to medium size businesses are still not paying attention to their vulnerabilities.  Their "disaster plan" is that nothing is going to happen to them.  Yikes!  I believe in hope, but not as a disaster plan.


Finally, I see some progress being made in the connections between government and business.  Both sides are recognizing that they need one another and can further their missions by being coordinated and cooperating before, during and after a disaster.  


The title of the report is a bit limiting since it does go way beyond response--it is much deeper.

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