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EAS Test--Help with a Study

I'm always up for trying to help people make our profession better informed.

by Eric Holdeman / November 6, 2011

Stephanie Jo Kent, a Doctoral Candidate, Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst USA has asked for our help.  See her request below.  

"May I ask each of you to help me right now spread the news about a research of the upcoming test of the Emergency Alert System to assess effectiveness of reaching the Deaf community?  Two blogpost links below explain more and a vlog (in American Sign Language) will follow this afternoon.

I'm using a technology called DiscoverText, a public comment aggregator/analysis tool, to collect Tweets with the hashtags #demx  Deaf EMergency X and #smem. 

The idea is to get as many staff, volunteers and all first responders to tweet about all activities related to communicating with Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing persons before, during or because of the EAS Test. 

Deaf Tweet-to-Teach Emergency Responders
Deaf Eye: Do Emergency  Warnings Catch Yours?

Simultaneously, we're campaigning to get the Deaf community to Tweet when, how, where they learn of the test, and if the communication they receive is clear, understandable, etc.

I'll be grateful for any help you can provide in spreading the word and recruiting participants!"


Any time that we can add to the knowledge base for our profession we should do so.  If you are doing something with this special needs community, share it with Stephanie Jo Kent via Twitter.

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