A Bright Sign in Bad Times

When business pays attention, we are making progress.

by Eric Holdeman / December 4, 2018

I saw a silver lining in the dark cloud of disasters we are experiencing and will experience. This from the Puget Sound Business Journal on what Zillow had to say about the future housing outlook:

"One troubling forecast comes from Zillow, which thinks that nationally a record number of homes will be lost to natural disasters as their frequency and magnitude increase. Wildfires have destroyed some 15,000 homes in California alone this year according to the company which said builders will focus on preventative and/or protected building materials and designs." 

Yes, it is a negative about the number of homes lost to disasters, but the recognition of the loss and anticipation that builders, and hopefully homeowners, will take action to improve their disaster mitigation posture by building more disaster-resistant homes is encouraging.

I would highlight that the best way to avoid disaster losses is to not build in risky areas prone to disasters. That would include encroaching into forested lands, homes near the beach or any other body of water or river. Homes built on slopes are only asking for trouble in the future.