A Constitutional Crisis Is Coming

FEMA is a federal agency that hands out money.

by Eric Holdeman / November 26, 2018

We have a problem in the United States and it is "us." We have an ill-informed, misinformed, governmentally ignorant population. A recent survey found that only 26 percent of people can name the three branches of government and 31 percent of respondents could not name any of three branches. ...  And, you have to love this one, one out of 10 people think that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court. 

When I ran for public office, I would run into people who said they did not vote. Basically they would say, their vote didn't count. I would reply that the duties of a citizen are to vote, to pay their taxes, and serve in the military if called to duty. For many, if not most of our citizens, they are not happy to do all of the three and would in some cases decline doing any--to include voting. 

What got me going on the above topic was this story shared by Claire Rubin, What FEMA Is Doing, and Not Doing, in Response to California’s Fires It is the most basic of information as to the duties and responsibilities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Any high school student in a civics class with some very basic research could have written the article at the link provided.

Yet, I think the perception of the general population is that FEMA shows up after a disaster and hands out checks, cash and ice. I don't necessarily blame citizens for now having detailed knowledge about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or the details of the Individual Assistance (IA) program, since their time and minds are occupied by other topics. 

However, the general ignorance of governmental structures and their functioning, the independence of the judiciary, and the like is troubling for our democracy. Especially when our government officials are doing everything within their power to destroy trust in government.

Earlier this morning, I stumbled across a podcast that covers the "first act" in the downfall of Spiro Agnew, vice president to Richard Nixon. You can read it here, Transcript — Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret. Truth in writing, back in 1972 I was a newly minted infantry lieutenant and I voted for the Nixon-Agnew ticket. The podcast shares an unsettling similarity to today's circumstances. As a history major in college, the phrase, "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it," comes to mind. 

I have not listened to all the podcasts in the series, and yes — MSNBC is the source. Just check the information you read or listen to based on the facts that exist in the record books and history. It is important that we listen to many voices and make decisions on facts, not opinions, desires or a particular philosophy. Doing that gets individuals and nations into significant trouble.