A Listing of Grant Funds

Many you will know already, but not all of them.

by Eric Holdeman / February 21, 2019

I have often said that we have a federally funded emergency management programs at the state and local level. Without these funds, we would have much less capability to perform the emergency management function. Let's be real — our state and local governments don't want to fund what we do.

So we are grant dependent. See this website that lists many that you are aware of already — if you are chasing money like I do: How to fund FirstNet implementation in your agency.

Don't let the title above fool you — this is not just about FirstNet, but it is an element that can be included in the funding, if you make that choice.

There are other grants sources that you may not be familiar with and could explore. I also think that community foundations are another source that we typically are not examining. 

Until there is another national calamity, we can only expect available grant funds to continue to decrease. Learn to live with less or go find new sources of funding. 

Bill Schrier shared the link above.