A Retrospective on the Paradise Wildfires

Paradise lost.

by Eric Holdeman / November 19, 2018

Time in Paradise, Calif., will be measured in BF (Before the Fire) and AF (After the Fire). What was in Paradise will likely not exist in the same manner as what existed prior to their great conflagration. 

There are two resources below to show the extent and the speed of the fire.

The first is this New York Times story, Timeline of the the First 12 Hours of the Fire. It truly was hell on earth and this graphically represents the speed of the fire as it moved by time increments through the city. 

Then there is this drone footage from CNN giving you an aerial view of some of the damages — showing the complete and utter destruction of some of the neighborhoods. 

The reference to Paradise Lost is an old one going back to John Milton's 17th century epic poem.