An Experiment: Preparedness for Vulnerable Communities

A California try at a different approach.

by Eric Holdeman / April 30, 2019

You cannot say that what we we have done in the past has worked or is working. If it was working, disaster preparedness programs — public education that is — we would have higher rates of preparedness among vulnerable populations or, for that matter, the general population.

See this Emergency Management magazine article, California Preparedness Drive Uses ‘Ground Game’ in At-Risk Communities.

Typically, funding would go to emergency managers who then would try to engage with nonprofits who are serving the types of communities identified in the article above. In this case, the funding is going to go to the nonprofits who will then engage with the emergency management community.

For emergency managers who are used to being in the driver's seat, this may feel a bit odd at first. I hope everyone is open minded and gives it a good shot to see what might work. 

Continuing our previous programs has not been successful, so why not try something new.

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