Brock Long, FEMA Administrator, Resigns

Say what?

by Eric Holdeman / February 13, 2019

This feels like news that Lincoln has been shot. See this short blurb from The Washington Post, FEMA administrator William ‘Brock’ Long, who faced questions about his use of his government vehicle, is resigning.

I thought all this was now in the past and had been put behind him. It is possible that Brock got tired of the pressures of the job and people outside the agency attacking. I do know this, inside of FEMA, the staff really liked him as an administrator of the agency. He will easily be picked up by a consulting firm, likely back to Hagerty.

Pete Gaynor is a steady guy to be acting administrator, but I'm sure he did not envision this when he took the job as deputy administrator.

Who knows what will happen next!

Claire Rubin shared the link above.

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