Brock Long on Federal Largesse in Disaster Funding

We won't change until we are forced to change.

by Eric Holdeman / September 23, 2019

See the interview that Brock Long did recently, Stop Looking at FEMA as 911.

I agree with everything he said, but ...

Nothing is going to change until we have a huge financial governmental crisis here in the United States. Until then we will keep borrowing money like there is no tomorrow. The result will be an increasing number and size of disasters to be funded. But, like Greece, there will be a financial crisis that we cannot spend or borrow our way out of. Greece was living beyond its means — just like us. The Piper will be paid — eventually.

As for building codes, recognize that there are states and communities without building codes or those with codes that are a joke when it comes to promoting disaster resilience. Add on top of that, a failure to take disaster resilience into consideration in zoning decisions and we will continue to just dig ourselves into a financial hole.  

As my wife Mary and I say often, "It is what it is!" No one likes change and change has to be forced on most when it comes to negative impacts.  




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