Disaster Zone TV: Disaster Preparedness Kits

This program will give you the basic information on what goes in a kit.

by Eric Holdeman / August 2, 2013

I have to say that getting people to become prepared for disasters is an uphill battle.  Without something happening on a recurring basis that impacts individuals and families; disasters and becoming prepared are far from the top priority.


For that reason, we spent time putting together a TV show Disaster Zone - Emergency Preparedness Kits that provides some basic information on what goes into a kit, the different types of kits and where and how you can either build your own or buy a pre-assembled kit.  I always say though that the first thing you need to do before putting together a kit is to make a plan.  That will help you determine what additional items you need in a kit based upon your individual or family situation.


I hope you enjoy watching this program--and then, go do something about becoming better prepared for a disaster that may very well be in your future.