Heat Wave Will Stress Critical Infrastructures

Electricity failures will impact many other infrastructures.

by Eric Holdeman / July 18, 2019

The heat wave now in the Midwest and headed to the East will be a major challenge on a number of fronts. First and foremost will be the ability of the power utilities to meet the demand for electricity. Electricity can't be stored, and the generation and transmission of it is dependent on multiple components from fuel supplies, generation and transmission to all work seamlessly.

The eastern half of the United States has the oldest infrastructure in the nation. One glitch can cause major problems, just like this event, water main break in Fort Lauderdale.

Without water, people don't have it to drink. Toilets won't flush and IT centers need the water for cooling. Hundreds of thousands of gallons a day are evaporated at individual centers.  

We'll have to see how everything holds up with the heat test. And, this is early in the year. August is a hotter month with more humidity. You might want to dust off your heat emergency plans!

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