Hurricane Michael on Its Way to Florida

Here comes Mike!

by Eric Holdeman / October 9, 2018

First we had Hurricane Florence hitting the East Coast and now Hurricane Michael, projected to be a Category 3 storm by the time it comes ashore and it will be impacting the Florida Panhandle and other areas of the state.

From a disaster response perspective, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) should be able to help support the state of Florida with what they need as the storm comes on land and the immediate aftermath. The challenge will come with the disaster recovery. The big storms of 2017 are still draining resources for the recovery efforts, and now you have two more named hurricanes in 2018. Each of these is like adding "another project" on top of already-busy recovery specialists at FEMA.

The cameras will all be turned off and the crews sent home, electricity will be back on, but the paperwork will just be beginning. Remember, you can win the disaster response battle and lose the disaster recovery war.


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