IAEM to Launch New Membership Services

Amen to that! The old system was a bit difficult to navigate.

by Eric Holdeman / February 8, 2019

Watch for a new look to the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Web portal. They have a new vendor coming on board with software geared to associations. I found the old system a bit difficult to navigate myself. See the announcement below: 

"In July 2018, IAEM began a concerted effort to streamline its operations and to improve and enhance its member services and tradeshow processes. We partnered with Euclid Technology to create a completely new online membership portal leading to membership services systems. IAEM is proud to share that we are getting close to the launch of our new association management system (AMS) and website. We are excited for you to see the new look and hope you find the new member portal more user friendly. The system will launch in March. We will continue to communicate with you via email and through the IAEM Dispatch as the launch date approaches."