International Standards Coming for Criminal Drone Investigations

Many positive aspects for drones, and negative ones, are coming too!

by Eric Holdeman / December 28, 2018

As I noted in my previous blog post about bridge inspections with drones, there will be nefarious uses for these aircraft.

See this story, Global Drone Guidelines for First Responders to be Issued in Early 2019.

We will need more drone intelligence developed for the future. Note the recent shutdown of an airport in England, Gatwick Airport Drone: Lots of Second-Guessing, but Not Many Answers. One sentence from the linked story sums it up, "... the case has served as a cautionary tale."

We have had plenty of drone sightings near airports. Most likely of hobbyists who disregard FAA rules and regulations. When such a person is found, having laws in place that give them a little jail time would be a great message, and widespread publicity of the incident would do much to "educate" future would-be offenders.

Then, too, we need to plan for the malicious people who have either criminal or terrorist intentions. I expect that every airport in the nation is looking at their anti-drone planning. 

Claire Rubin, Senior Researcher, shared the Global Drone Guidelines link above.