Job: Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

A great position for someone starting their professional career.

by Eric Holdeman / November 7, 2018

This position is ideal for someone who has done their homework on entering the field of emergency management. Having the degree, getting the online course work done, and then volunteering with a professional emergency management program will likely have given you what you need to compete for this job, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator — City of Kirkland, Wash.

It is evidently a new position and by my estimation, there are no "inside candidates" wired to be the successful candidate — so apply!

If you are living in another state, be willing to move! Be flexible about your housing arrangements, since it is an expensive area to live in. Don't expect to live in the city of Kirkland. Likely 15 years ago I remember being told that there were "no" city employees who lived in Kirkland at that time.