July 2019, the World's Hottest Month on Record

What will happen when your community runs out of water?

by Eric Holdeman / August 8, 2019

Perhaps we should start now, planning for water shortages? In 2020, I expect to take part in a prioritization planning for liquid fuel shortages, but it might not be that far off that somewhere in the United States, we should be thinking about water shortages.

It is the dichotomy of climate change that we will have way too much water in some places and too little in others. We may even have too much water at one point in the year and no water in another. Such are the vagaries of living with climate change. 

See this Washington Post article about how this past July was the hottest month on record in the world since we started keeping modern records, Here's How the Hottest Month in Recorded History Unfolded Around the World.

Regina Phelps called my attention to this information. 

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