Lawmaker Spikes Passage of Disaster Relief Bill

He will be unpopular in many places.

by Eric Holdeman / May 24, 2019

See this CNN story on how the disaster relief bill's passage was prevented by one Texas congressman.

This is the disaster relief bill that has been hung up because of differences between what the president wanted in the bill: i.e., funding for the border and no funding for Puerto Rico — and what Congress wanted: no funding for the border, and funding for Puerto Rico.

It is unsure why the president gave in and agreed to the passage without border funding, but he did visit the Florida Panhandle that got hammered by a hurricane and has been languishing without the disaster funding being in place. 

I expect passage will come — later in June when Congress returns from their Memorial Day recess. So the delay is temporary, but it is another delay for people who have already been waiting.


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