Mass Casualty Events — Impact to Responders

The recovery of remains from California fires.

by Eric Holdeman / November 18, 2018

California law enforcement authorities are still listing over 1,000 people as missing from the fires, especially in the town of Paradise. While the official death toll (most recent number I had heard) stands at 77, there are likely more bodies to be found. Likely not a thousand, but still more.

Teams of people and dogs are working in the burned-out areas checking cars and homes for bodies/remains.

Another recent story on the Jonestown massacre of 900 people from decades ago was much more gruesome in many ways, especially the murder of 300-plus children. See this article, The U.S. Military Had to Clean Up After the Jonestown Massacre 40 Years Ago. What the Crew Found Was 'Beyond Imagination.'

Critical incident stress debriefings will be needed, and likely not just a one-time shot.

Bruce Booker shared the link above.

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