Media Training--Body Language

I never knew there were so many ways to cross one's legs!

by Eric Holdeman / March 2, 2013

Yes, I believe in social media and what it can do for your program.  I also know that the traditional media is not totally dead and video is the medium that shows "everything" about you.


I recall when doing some media training we did some mock interviews.  I of course was "terrific" except that the mock reporter positioned me to face a bright sun, so I wore sunglasses--big mistake!  Looking at myself in playback I looked like I was hiding something.  The non-verbal clues were awful!!!  Lesson learned.  Every time a reporter has tried to set me up to be interviewed with looking into bright sunlight I suggest either we switch or find another location.  Squinting would be just as bad as wearing sunglasses.


With the above in mind check out Media Training:  Body Language


I suppose that if you are thinking about all the instructions and body positions he describes in the article you might forget what it is you are supposed to be talking about.  The goal is to practice and get comfortable and eliminate the nervous ticks that come with being uncomfortable.  Knowing your topic is key.  Stick to the facts, that way you avoid "opinions" which can get you in trouble.  This last item was what I always told my staff.  If you are doing an interview, provide what you know.  If it is an emergent situation caveat it with this is what we know at this time, but the situation is evolving quickly.  We will provide you with more information when we have it.  No prognosticating!  


Remember, first reports are almost always wrong.

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